Brand Awareness – SEO and Content Marketing Is the Core Ingredients

What exactly is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is the generation of relevant web traffic and targeted campaigns which bring in site visitors and convert them to leads. It does so by creating your brand much more visible in search engines, social networking platforms and on the web, and also by employing valuable content in article directories and in forums to… build trust. Once, visitors trust you they are more inclined to turn into leads and even sign up for your list. Inbound marketing helps you in achieving this mission



As with inbound marketing, outbound sales conversion is another major concern. Many companies, despite their best efforts, cannot convert leads into sales at a good rate. The reason behind this is very simple – the sales presentation page needs to be well-designed and made very compelling for the viewer to read and even purchase the product. Hence inbound marketing helps you in overcoming this. You just need to enhance the existing sales copy and market the product or service in a manner that convinces viewers to take a desired action.

By far, most of the people who visit your site are not even aware of the kind of products or services you offer. Hence inbound marketing helps you in selling your products and services much more effectively because it brings prospects into the light about the benefits they can get by buying your products or availing of your services. This leads to higher conversions. Even better, with inbound marketing you will also be able to gain leads from your prospects because they themselves will want to know more about the benefits they can derive by availing your product or availing your services.

But in addition to this, inbound marketing also serves another important function of building trust and credibility between you and your prospects. For example, suppose you have been in the online marketing business for quite some time now and you have built quite a good customer database. However, there is one particular customer out there who has never even visited your website before. Since he has not yet come to your page and had not come in contact with you before, all your previous efforts of building trust and giving him helpful information will go waste.

In order to retain and grow this customer’s trust in your products and services, you need to give him something extra. This is where seo services help. They help you in getting inbound links from trustworthy sites that will add a little bit of value on your part. If these links point out to your own website, the chances are that these visitors would have come to know more about your products and services. Hence, you can say that the content marketing strategy and the inbound marketing both go hand in delivering higher leads and higher conversion rates.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive inbound links. It also has the added benefit of providing valuable information about your products and services to your target market. But if you want to see real results, you need to see results from your target market too. Since the people who visit your website will not trust anything that you have to say unless they come across a testimonial or an embedded link to your site. The better you get at driving inbound links and creating awareness about your brand, the more chances you have of gaining the trust of these visitors and they will in turn drive inbound leads to your site, which is a sure fire way of getting quality leads that convert into actual sales.