Facebook & Instagram Ads For Dropshipping Store

Facebook & Instagram Ads
Running ads but no clicks? Need more sales? Looking for someone to make high-converting advertising campaigns for your store? Look no further 🙂 After years of advertising experience and hundreds of Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns, we’ve cracked the secret of powerful ad designs and accurate targeting settings – and we’re glad to help you! Contact us for place your order.

What’s so good about Powerful Advertising service?

  • You save up to 48 hours of your precious time
  • No more guessing who you should sell to
  • – you get professional, effective ads
  •  – professionals do all the work for you
  • 90% of our clients note a significant increase in sales

Facebook and Instagram have 3.2 billion members worldwide. This provides businesses with the largest advertising opportunity out there – don’t miss it! But picking correct targeting & creating appealing images can be quite challenging for drop-shipping beginners, so it’s better to receive professional help.

Check out these awesome resources: A number of drop shipping agencies including “Oberlo” are offering their free tutorials. Make sure you learn about Drop Shipping by reading eBook How To Get Paid For Your Drop ship And If  You Want More Information See Our Intro Guide What Is Drop Shipping?

By ordering the Ready Dropshipping Advertisements Pack, you get:

  • Advertising image with your products for Facebook & Instagram Feed or Stories
  • Target audience including gender, age, locations, interests, and behaviors
  • Catchy advertising text
  • A step-by-step guide on how to prepare your dropshipping store for promotion and launch ads

Start promoting your business today with our professional assistance! 😉

*We make effective ads that significantly increase the chance for sales. But sales may also depend on the products themselves and your website condition, prices, ad optimization strategies, implementation of our recommendations and other factors. We care about the effectiveness of your ads that’s why we reserve the right to pick the most promising of products for your ads among the submitted ones. Ad management is not included