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 Become an early adopter in a digital revolution that will redefine digital asset ownership. Our NFT marketplace development caters to businesses in different verticals with amazing trading features.

NFT marketplace development

What are NFTs?

NFTs or NonFungible Tokens are tokens representing digital assets that can be traded in exchange for cryptocurrency. As an NFT development company, at Navdisenyo Creations, we will help you convert your art or other traditionally reserved assets to a token to generate crypto profits. By minting an NFT, you place a verifiable tag on your asset. This provides you with digital ownership, makes your asset secure through blockchain technology, and provides you with robust, irreversible, irreplicable IP rights.

How Will White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Benefit Your Business?

NFTs are simply digital counterparts of realworld assets. They are generated on the Ethereum token standard. Regardless of the business, you are in media, real estate, art, you can benefit from the current trend of NFTs. Due to being tokenized using blockchain technology, they are highly secure and there is no hassle of worrying about IP rights. You can always track their movement and transfer in the virtual space due to the digital ownership it confers you. This year alone, the early adopters of the whitelabel NFT marketplace development have seen millions in revenue. This leaves a tremendous opportunity for other players.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Services

Every NFT marketplace developer in our NFT development company’s expert team can offer NFT development services for a wide area of industries and business verticals, and serve them with different purposes. NFT marketplace development services we provide include,

NFT for Art Tokenization

Convert an intricate or exquisite work of art to a digital asset. Assign an NFT token and value, and start selling it in the NFT marketplace.

NFT for Lending

An NFT is inherently an asset with a value. If your NFT is highly valued, you can use it as collateral to get loans.

NFT for Games

In-game purchases of limited assets just got easier with NFT development services for games. Collect player cards, signature cards, videos, and others. You can also use some of these across gaming platforms.

NFT for Fashion

All kinds of fashion accessories, rare items, and ornaments can be minted and tokenized as NFTs. Details of their value will now be made public and easy to track.

NFT marketplace app
NFT marketplace app
NFT for Real Estate

Build and sell land and buildings virtually by leveraging our remunerative NFT marketplace development services for real estate. Creators can also do the interior design of the properties and sell them for a higher price.

NFT for Infrastructure

Convert the best designs, interior or exterior, that you created for a building into NFT tokens. Monetize your talent for architecture.

NFT for Music and Videos

Your original music and video files can now hold a tokenized counterpart to gain and transfer ownership to interested fans for a fee.

NFT for Domains

Our blockchain-based naming system allows users to trade domain addresses using NFT tokens.

Non-Fungible Tokens and DeFi

Decentralized Finance is to conduct financial transactions on blockchain networks without intermediaries such as banks. NFTs hold promising applications in Defi.

  • NFTs are assets with a value. They can be liquidated in DeFi.

  • NFTs can also be converted into tradeable funds with DeFi.

  • NFTs can be placed as collateral in processes such as borrowing a loan.

  • DeFi increases the legitimacy of NFTs in business verticals such as real estate, gaming, music, etc.

  • By aligning tokens in the DeFi network, we can ascertain the real-world value of NFTs.


Characteristics Of Our White-label NFT Marketplace


NFTs can usually be traded in multiple virtual marketplaces and environments. NFT holders can hence utilize its salient features such as bundling, bidding, and application-specific currencies.


The relevance of NFTs to public blockchains enables developers to set certain common standards for all non-fungible tokens. These standards include ownership, movement, and simple access to the tokenized items.


Since NFTs are an asset class with inherent value, they can be placed as collateral for loans or against other kinds of cryptocurrencies in exchange for cash.


Token standards such as ERC 721 and ERC 1155 allow interaction with multiple NFT ecosystems. Any new project that is launched in the marketplace is immediately visible to the wallet providers.


NFTs can be programmed to include complex mechanics such as crafting, forging, random generation, etc


A creator can ensure that only a certain limited number of her work is tokenized. This creates scarcity and increases the value of each item. The items cannot be duplicated as their tokens are secured by Ethereum.

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