woo-commerce 3D products view setup

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Setup woo-commerce in your website.
Responsive design.
User-friendly interface.
Easy to use.
Setup 3d product view and customization.
Setup payment getaway.
Upload demo products and live support.

Free SSL and support “How to manage your website”.

  • Description

    Product Description

    When you start with an awesome 3D Product designer, you can create amazing things!

    Built with complete 3D eCommerce functionality in mind, Woo-commerce 3D Products is fully SVG Compatible with extensive functionality.

    Do you Provide 3D models with plugin ?

    No. I have included one demo chair model in documentation to test the plugin and how it works. Rather than that i don’t provide 3D model with plugin. However, you can hire me to build 3D model of your products separately.

    Woocommerce 3D Products - 26

    Does this plugin support obj file ?

    No. Obj file do not contain any kind of texture data. It only give object data. So right now we only support FBX, Collada and JSON file format. yet we have in plan to add support for more format in future and we might add obj into the list later.

    Woocommerce 3D Products - 27

    Will my product 3d model will work with your plugin or not, how we can test ?

    Go to file menu-> Upload your exported model and see if that is loading properly there then it will work perfectly in our plugin. After your model load, if you see everything black, don’t worry. You need to add light to scene which you can do from insert menu. Also you can check material name of object part here in right side property panel as well. If your 3d Model don’t load here, then it wont load with our plugin as well. So you need to export your model again with updated FBX version or you can send us model to further test.

    Woocommerce 3D Products - 28

    Looking for Help ?

    Look no further! if it’s not something you can find in the User Guide, I will be happy to help.