CPC Based Native Ad, Promote Your Business with us!

CPC Based Native Ad
Running an online Business or Developing a web Service sometimes easy. But marketing is the Big Problem. 😩
Even if you have got the most effective service or the best business, but nobody knows about it. You’ll not sell anything. this is often why promoting and advertising your business. Is more important than the business Itself.

What You Will Get? ( CPC Native Ads )

With this service, we’ll publish an Ad banner & run CPC Based Native Ad (You Choose). About your business or service on our network of websites & mobile application. With more than 200K views per month & drive 100K clicks & targeted visitor in your site. So people can see and know about you!
We’ll ensure that your ads will get around up-to 100K clicks per month based on your packages.
IMPORTANT: This ‘CPC Based Native Ad’  Service will work with Online Businesses. Hotel & Restaurant business, Education, Gaming and Applications, Affiliate marketing, Software etc…
If you think about it, with simple calculations. You will find that this service is too cheap compared to other networks. Since we are offering: 10K clicks with unlimited Impressions for Only $110 !
The nice thing is that you will get detailed reporting about your Ads at the end of the campaign.
❓ Have a Question? Please if you have any questions, feel free to send a message to navdisenyo@gmail.com