Traffic Generating Ads & Blog Post

Traffic Generating Ads

Traffic Generating Ads and Blog Post, In this service pack includes entertaining blog on your site featuring your products, materials for an ad (image + text + all targeting settings) and blog subscription form setup.

Imagine you see two ads: “Stay Stylish With These 15 Outfit Trends of 2020” or “Buy clothing with up to 30% off”. Which of them is more calling and easier for users to click on? Yes, the primary one because it doesn’t suppose hard cash.

What if we tell you that both of these ads are selling the same thing? The difference is that the primary advertiser opted for a more elegant way to promote their store than simply a usual offer to buy, and this wise advertiser might be you! People see regular ads all the time, so, it’s time to try a new advertising scheme: selling through content that speaks to your audience!

So, how does this all work? Long story short, you only allow us to turn your blog into a traffic magnet and a lead generation machine with the following scheme:
1. An ads attracts traffic to an exciting blog post on your site;
2. People visit your site and browse this blog post;
3. Throughout the post, people accidentally intentionally encounter your products and visit your product pages.

Easy & completely transparent, right? We’ll help you turn this scheme into reality!

What’s included in Traffic Generating Ads & Blog Post service:
  • Catchy blog content on your site – our specialists design an attractive blog post that presents your products in an entertaining way and gently sparkles the desire to shop for them;
  • Ads materials package – we offer an image , a text and necessary targeting settings you’ll got to reach your audience and tell them about your site and your blog;
  • Subscription form setup – it’s never been easier to gather emails of your blog visitors! Use them to send promotional email campaigns and discover one more source of effortless sales.

Our team of drop-shipping store managers repeatedly turned to the present method of promotion, and statistics show that sometimes blog post + ad combination is ~80% more practical than regular ads when it comes to attracting traffic on your store. So content marketing might be a big help on your way to increased traffic and sales!
Try it now – and we’ll be happy to assist you!