What Are Leads in Sales?

What are leads in real estate? A real estate agent wouldn’t just hang out at local coffee shops, trying to get people to call and make a sale. That approach would be completely fruitless for anyone but the owner of such coffee shop. So instead, intelligent salesperson targets businesses and people who are most apt to purchase their product, and these come in a number of forms.

what are leads in sales


There are cold leads and hot leads, and they are often used interchangeably, but which one are you? The first type of lead is an expressed interest lead, also called an elicited response lead. This type of lead is generated by an interest in the prospect has in the product or service being presented. It can also be generated by simply telling the prospect that you have something interesting to share. This elicited response lead is very powerful because it often results in more than one sale.

Another type of lead is a warm lead, which is generated by the prospect of engaging with you in any way, such as by filling out a survey or calling you for more information. This type of lead is often very easy to follow up with, but it’s not easy to turn. If you go to a hotel lobby and the receptionist tells you there are complimentary breakfast for the next morning, you’re free to schedule your breakfast appointment. That breakfast can be a great sale!

Then there are online leads, also referred to as email leads or contact information leads. These are leads whose source is online, such as through search engines or social networking sites, or from email campaigns or sales emails. These types of lead are easy to follow up with because they often contain contact information like names, email addresses, phone numbers and sometimes even email addresses. Some of the different types of online lead are generated by web site visits, while others are generated by referral programs or just word of mouth from other online consumers.

One thing to keep in mind when you are working with what are leads in sales is that not all leads are created equal. Some are going to be more responsive than others. Also, some leads are going to cost you more than others. If you have a strong relationship with a prospect before you begin your sales process, this will also help you price your product or service better because the prospect is already very interested and likely very likely to make a purchase on the product or service that you offer.

A great way to avoid wasting what are leads in sales is by making sure that your qualified leads are set up right from the beginning. This means ensuring that they filled out all of the necessary fields on their initial inquiry form so that you can use that information to follow up with them later on. If you do not include contact information on your website, there are ways to get that information without having to pay for each mailing. You can even ask them if they would like to be contacted via email or even phone. Either way, you need to ensure that you are following up with the leads that you are generating to ensure that you are meeting your goals and helping you generate the sales that you are looking to achieve. By ensuring that you are generating qualified leads at a steady clip, you are going to see an increase in the number of customers that you are bringing into your business.