What Is Digital Marketing?

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a large term which includes all advertising channels and techniques you utilize to sell goods or services over the Internet but also via electronic devices like TVs, mobile phones, and mobile billboards. The main difference between digital marketing services and digital marketing strategies is that digital marketing campaigns are carries out exclusively over digital channels. And this affords marketers much more control, resources, and data to study the effectiveness of their campaigns. Additionally, digital marketing services encompass pay per click (PPC) and social media optimization (SMO). Two channels which have become extremely popular on the Internet in the past decade.

Digital marketing strategy

what is digital marketingA digital marketing strategy is essentially the tactics, processes, models, or templates you employ to effectively drive traffic to your affiliate website. The most common digital marketing strategy is affiliate marketing. And the way you drive traffic is through the creation of “viral” funnel campaigns. These viral campaigns can take the form of email blasts, articles, press releases, instant messaging, blogging, forum postings. Or any number of interactive techniques that drive traffic to a website.


Search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO) are the terms used to describe SEM and SEO. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves creating unique and targeted websites to feature on major search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN, Google and Bing. In order to be successful with SEM, you will need to research topics relevant to the products you sell. Your articles and other content should also be relevant to the product you are promoting. This will require input from your customers, affiliates, co-workers. And other individuals who are involved in the niche market you are in.

Major avenues

With digital marketing, there are two major avenues you can choose to explore. First off, you have the option of buying digital advertising space. Advertising revenue for online businesses is very large and you can generate a good return on investment by purchasing digital space in a variety of formats. However, this avenue requires that you have the knowledge, expertise, and right timing to spot the best advertising opportunities. This is why it is never advise to spend all of your money at the first indication that you will be profiting from digital advertising.

Your second digital marketing avenue to explore is the creation of a digital brand or website. You will need to develop a “brand” which is associated with your company, product, or service and will be accessible to your target audience. In essence, your digital brand will act as an avatar for your company and represents what you stand for, what your values are, and what you are about. The creation of a digital brand will require you to conduct keyword research, create unique content, and continually build customer relationships. A digital brand will almost always require some sort of advertising budget; however, you will quickly see the returns on this investment as word of mouth advertisements drive prospective customers to your brand.

Marketing strategy

Your digital marketing strategy should include both online and offline strategies. A combination of both will almost always yield the best results. To find out more about the correct approach for your business. It’s highly recommend that you speak with a marketing automation consultant. They will help you map your business path to success and guide you towards the most effective marketing automation solution.

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